Class Rank

Class rank shall be based on a weighted grade point average using semester grades earned in eligible courses in grades 9–12 and in any eligible high school course taken in grade 8 for state graduation credit. The grade point average (GPA) shall be rounded to the nearest thousandth, and shall be assessed after the fifth six weeks of the school year.


Grades earned in physical education, athletics, and credit recovery courses shall be excluded from this calculation. Grades for which credit is earned through state assessment remediation courses, credit by examination, correspondence courses, or summer school courses shall be excluded from this calculation.

Valedictorian and Salutatorian

The eligible students with the highest and second highest weighted grade point averages, respectively, shall be recognized as the valedictorian and salutatorian. To be eligible for such recognition, a student must have been continuously enrolled in the District for the four semesters preceding graduation, been enrolled in four academic subjects during the senior year, and must have completed the Advanced/Distinguished Achievement Program for graduation.


In the event of a tie for valedictorian, the weighted grade point average shall be calculated to the fourth or fifth decimal place, as necessary. Basic mathematical rounding rules shall be applied. Should a tie remain for valedictorian, covaledictorians shall be declared. Should a tie remain for salutatorian, all students with the tying weighted grade point average shall be recognized.

In breaking a tie to award state scholarships, the District shall give the award to the student with the highest grade point average in weighted classes. In the event there is still a tie, the student who has taken the most AP courses shall be given the award.


Beginning with the graduating class of 2007–08, to qualify to give the valedictorian or salutatorian speech, a student shall not have engaged in any serious misconduct violation of the Student Code of Conduct during his or her last two semesters. For the purposes of this policy, serious misconduct shall be classified as behavior resulting in removal to a DAEP, or out-of-school suspension.

Honor Graduate

In order to be recognized as a District honor graduate, a student shall have a weighted grade point average of at least 90 and be graduating under the Recommended Program or Advanced/Distin-guished Achievement Program.

Top Ten Percent

All students whose weighted grade point average comprise the top ten percent of the graduating class and qualify for automatic admission under Education Code 51.803 shall be recognized. Eligibility standards required for valedictorian, salutatorian, and other local honor graduates shall not apply to the procedure for determining top ten percent. The GPA shall be reported on the student's academic achievement record as required by TEA and made available in accordance with the application deadline for the college or university when requested by the student. [See EIC(LEGAL)]

Early Graduates

To be eligible to graduate early, a student shall complete all required coursework and exit-level testing required of the ninth grade class in which he or she began high school.

A student who completes the high school program requirements in fewer than four years shall be ranked in the class in which he or she actually graduates.

A student who completes the high school program requirements in fewer than four years shall not be eligible for recognition as valedictorian or salutatorian, but shall be eligible for honor graduate and top ten percent recognition.

Transfer Students

Students transferring into the District shall receive the numerical grade that was earned at the other school and documented on the official transcript. The District's weighted scale shall be used for Pre-AP, and AP courses if the same course is offered in the District. Letter grades shall be assigned a numerical value according to the following scale:

Weighted Grade Scale

Grades for weighted courses shall be derived by adding ten points to the grade earned. Eligible courses shall be identified annually in the student handbook and shall include dual credit courses.

Apple Springs ISD


LDU 2008.01

DATE ISSUED: 4/8/2008