Accounting System

Report of Revenues and Expenditures

Financial Statement

The total receipts of the fund, itemized by source of revenue, including taxes, assessments, service charges, grants of state money, gifts, or other general sources from which funds are derived;

The total disbursements of the fund, itemized by the nature of the expenditure; and

The balance in the fund at the close of the fiscal year.


Report of Debt Information

As of the last day of the preceding fiscal year, debt obligation information for the district that must state:

The amount of all authorized debt obligations;

The principal of all outstanding debt obligations;

The principal of each outstanding debt obligation;

The combined principal and interest required to pay all outstanding debt obligations on time and in full;

The combined principal and interest required to pay each outstanding debt obligation on time and in full;

The amounts required by items a–e, limited to authorized and outstanding debt obligations secured by ad valorem taxation, expressed as a total amount and as a per capita amount; and

For each debt obligation:

The issued and unissued amount;

The spent and unspent amount;

The maturity date; and

The stated purpose for which the debt obligation was authorized.

The current credit rating given by any nationally recognized credit rating organization to debt obligations of the district;

Any other information that the district considers relevant or necessary to explain the values required by items 1a–f, above, including:

An explanation of the payment sources for the different types of debt; and

A projected per capita amount of an amount required by item 1f as of the last day of the maximum term of the most recent debt obligation issued by the district.

Alternative to Report

Posting Requirements

The district's annual report is made available for inspection by any person and is posted continuously on the district's Internet website until the district posts the next annual report; and

The contact information for the main office of the district is continuously posted on the website, including the physical address, the mailing address, the main telephone number, and an e-mail address.

Financial Management Report

Report Requirements

A copy of the superintendent's current employment contract or other written documentation of employment if no contract exists. This must disclose all compensation and benefits paid to the superintendent. The district may publish the superintendent's employment contract on the district's website instead of publishing it in the annual financial management report;

A summary schedule for the fiscal year (12-month period) of expenditures paid on behalf of the superintendent and each board member and total reimbursements received by the superintendent and each board member. This includes transactions on a district's credit card(s), debit card(s), stored-value card(s), and any other similar instrument(s) to cover expenses incurred by the superintendent and each board member. The summary schedule must separately report reimbursements for meals, lodging, transportation, motor fuel, and other items. The summary schedule of total reimbursements should not include reimbursements for supplies and materials that were purchased for the operation of the district;

A summary schedule for the fiscal year of the dollar amount of compensation and fees received by the superintendent from an outside school district or any other outside entity in exchange for professional consulting or other personal services. The schedule must separately report the amount received from each entity;

A summary schedule for the fiscal year of the total dollar amount of gifts that had a total economic value of $250 or more received by the executive officers and board members. This reporting requirement applies only to:

Gifts received by the district's executive officers and board members (and their immediate family as described by Government Code, Chapter 573, Subchapter B, Relationships by Consanguinity or by Affinity) from an outside entity that received payments from the district in the prior fiscal year, and

Gifts from competing vendors that were not awarded contracts in the prior fiscal year.

A summary schedule for the fiscal year of the dollar amount received by board members for the total amount of business transactions with the district. This reporting requirement is not to duplicate the items disclosed in the summary schedule of reimbursements received by board members; and

Any other information the board of a district determines to be useful.

Public Hearing


Corrective Action Plan

Projected Deficit

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DATE ISSUED: 10/16/2017