Language Proficiency Assessment Committees

The professional staff members of the LPAC(s) shall be assigned those duties by the Superintendent or designee. Selection of parent members of LPAC(s) shall be made after soliciting volunteers and upon the recommendation of professionals involved in the bilingual/ESL programs.


The District shall provide orientation and training for all members of the LPAC(s), which shall include a discussion of the committee's duties and a thorough explanation and review of all laws and rules governing the confidentiality of information regarding individual students. In performing their duties, committee members shall be acting for the District and shall observe requirements regarding confidentiality of student records. [See FL]

Required Bilingual CertificationFor Elementary Teachers

In order to ensure that all English Language Learners (ELLs) are afforded full opportunity to master the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills elementary school (PK–5) bilingual teachers shall be required to have a bilingual certification by the end of the school year in which they are employed.

Alternative certification bilingual teachers assigned to a bilingual classroom shall complete the bilingual certification requirement within one year of the date that the standard certification is issued.

The District shall pay for the cost of training and testing fees related to this requirement.

Certified bilingual teachers who do not complete this requirement within the required time frame may be reassigned to another position in the District if a vacancy for which they are certified is available.

Parent Notification

The District shall notify parents of students in classrooms in which the bilingual teacher is not "highly qualified," as required by law. [See DBA]

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DATE ISSUED: 6/14/2019