Comprehensive System

The College President or designee shall develop and maintain a comprehensive system of student records and reports dealing with all facets of the College District program operation and shall ensure through reasonable procedures that records are accessed by authorized persons only, as allowed by this policy. These data and records shall be stored in a safe and secure manner and shall be conveniently retrievable for utilization by authorized school officials.

Custodians of Records

The registrar is custodian of all records for currently enrolled students and for all official academic records. The registrar is custodian of academic status records. The executive director of human resources is custodian of employee records. The addresses for the custodians of records shall be included in the Annual Notice of Student Rights under 20 U.S.C. 1232g.

Types of Education Records

Each record custodian shall be responsible for the education records of the College District. These records may include:

  1. Admissions data and personal and family data.
  2. Standardized test data, including intelligence, aptitude, interest, personality, and social adjustment ratings.
  3. All achievement records, as determined by tests, recorded grades, and teacher evaluations.
  4. Attendance record.
  5. Records of faculty, counselors, or administrative conferences with the student or pertaining to the student.
  6. Disciplinary records, including scholastic disciplinary actions.
  7. Copies of correspondence with parents and others concerned with the student.
  8. Records transferred from secondary schools and other post-secondary institutions in which the student has been enrolled.
  9. Records pertaining to participation in student activities including academic awards or recognition by the College District.
  10. Information relating to student participation in special programs.
  11. Records of tuition and fees paid and outstanding.
  12. Financial aid records.
  13. Job placement records.
  14. Scholarships or other financial awards.
  15. Records pertaining to student complaints.
  16. Other records that may contribute to understanding of the student.

Request Procedures

The College District shall make a student's records available to the student. The records custodian or designee shall use reasonable procedures to verify the requestor's identity before disclosing student records containing personally identifiable information.

Records may be reviewed in person during regular business hours without charge upon written request to the records custodian. For in-person viewing, the records custodian or designee shall be available to explain the record and to answer questions. The confidential nature of the student's records shall be maintained at all times. Records to be viewed shall be restricted to use only in the admission and records office or other restricted area designated by the records custodian. The original copy of the record or any document contained in the comprehensive record shall not be removed from the school.

Copies of records must be requested in writing and shall be available at a per copy cost, payable in advance. Financial hardship cases shall be dealt with on an individual basis. A student may be denied copies of records if he or she fails to follow proper procedures or pay the copying charge.

Directory Information

Directory information shall be released to a qualified individual or organization that files a written request with the College President or designee.

The College District shall give public notice of the categories of information designated as directory information; whether the disclosure of directory information will be limited to specific parties, for specific purposes, or both; and the period of time after such notice for a student to inform the College District that any or all of the directory information should not be released without prior consent.

Access by School Officials

A school official shall be allowed access to student records if he or she has a legitimate educational interest in the records.

For the purposes of this policy, "school officials" shall include:

  1. An employee, Board member, or agent of the College District, including an attorney, a consultant, a contractor, a volunteer and any outside service provider used by the College District to perform institutional services.
  2. A person serving on an official committee, such as a disciplinary or grievance committee, or assisting another school official in performing his or her tasks.

All contractors provided with student records shall follow the same rules as employees concerning privacy of the records and shall return the records upon completion of the assignment.

A school official has a "legitimate educational interest" in a student's records when he or she is:

  1. Working with the student;
  2. Considering disciplinary or academic actions, the student's case, or services for a student with disabilities;
  3. Compiling statistical data;
  4. Reviewing an education record to fulfill the official's professional responsibility; or
  5. Investigating or evaluating programs.

Access by Parents

The College District may disclose educational records to a student's parent without the student's consent under circumstances specified in law. [See FJ(LEGAL)] A qualified parent shall be subject to the provisions of the Request Procedures, above.

Transcripts and Transfers of Records

The College District may request transcripts from previously attended schools for students transferring into the College District; however, the ultimate responsibility for obtaining transcripts from sending schools rests with the student.

For purposes of a student's enrollment or transfer, the College District shall promptly forward education records upon request to officials of other schools or school systems in which the student intends to enroll or enrolls unless the College District has placed a hold on the student's record. The College District may return an education record to the school identified as the source of the record.

Procedure to Amend Records

Within 15 College District business days of the record custodian's receipt of a request to amend records, the College District shall notify the student in writing of its decision on the request and, if the request is denied, of his or her right to a hearing. If a hearing is requested, it shall be held within ten College District business days after the request is received.

Students shall be notified in advance of the date, time, and place of the hearing. An administrator who is not responsible for the contested records and who does not have a direct interest in the outcome of the hearing shall conduct the hearing. The student shall be given a full and fair opportunity to present evidence, and at his or her own expense, may be assisted or represented at the hearing.

The student shall be notified of the decision in writing within ten College District business days of the hearing. The decision shall be based solely on the evidence presented at the hearing and shall include a summary of the evidence and reasons for the decision. If the decision is to deny the request, the student shall be informed that he or she has 30 College District business days within which to exercise his or her right to place in the record a statement commenting on the contested information and/or stating any reason for disagreeing with the College District's decision.

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LDU 2019.01

DATE ISSUED: 6/3/2019