Board Member Liability Insurance

Employee Liability Insurance

Career and Technology Insurance

  1. A business or entity that participates with the district to provide district students a career and technology program; and
  2. A district student who participates in a district career and technology program.
  1. Must be reasonable considering the financial condition of the district; and
  2. May not exceed the amount that is reasonably necessary in the opinion of the board.

Student Immunity

Tort Claims Act Liability Insurance

Tort Claims Payments

Defense Counsel

Mold Remediation

For Law Enforcement Motor Vehicles

  1. Electing to be self-insured;
  2. Entering into a risk retention group, risk management pool, or interlocal contract with other political subdivisions; or
  3. Providing for coverage by an insurance company authorized to write motor vehicle liability insurance coverage.

Elkhart ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/11/2017