Protections for Legislative Activity

  1. An action permitted by law that the officer takes in the officer's official capacity regarding a legislative measure;
  2. Proposing, endorsing, or expressing support for or opposition to a legislative measure or taking any action permitted by law to support or oppose a legislative measure;
  3. The effect of a legislative measure or of a change in law proposed by a legislative measure on any person; or
  4. A breach of duty, in connection with the member's practice of or employment in a licensed or regulated profession or occupation, to disclose to any person information, or to obtain a waiver or consent from any person, regarding the officer's actions relating to a legislative measure; or the substance, effects, or potential effects of a legislative measure.

Gov't Code 572.059

Offenses Regarding Records and Information

  1. Willfully destroys, mutilates, removes without permission as provided by Government Code Chapter 552 (the Public Information Act), or alters public information; or
  2. Distributes information considered confidential under the terms of Government Code Chapter 552.

Gov't Code 552.351–.352

Board Member Immunities

State Law Immunities

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DATE ISSUED: 7/6/2020