Regional Advisory Committee


A Regional Advisory Committee shall be established for the ESC. Membership shall consist of the superintendent from each school district within the region.

Committee Officers

Members of the Regional Advisory Committee shall select a Chair, vice-chair, and a secretary on an annual basis.

The Chair shall preside at meetings, appoint committees, and perform other duties as directed by the Board. The Chair shall have the right to offer resolutions, to discuss questions, and to vote on any matter before the committee.

The vice-chair shall perform duties of the Chair in case of resignation, absence, or disability.

The secretary shall be responsible for maintaining official records of meetings of the committee and such other duties as the committee may request.

Executive Committee

The Regional Advisory Committee shall establish an executive committee to assist in the advisory function to the Board.


The executive committee shall perform the following functions:

Consult with and advise the Board on matters concerning educational services provided by the ESC.

Provide information to the Executive Director regarding school district needs and appropriateness and quality of services provided by the ESC.

Conduct an annual evaluation and report to the Board on the quality of services rendered, the effectiveness of ESC operations, and the appropriateness of program development efforts.


The Regional Advisory Committee shall meet with the Board at least once during each fiscal year to discuss the committee's evaluation of the ESC and advise the Board of any needed action. The committee may hold additional meetings with the Board; such meetings shall be at the joint call of the Chair of the Board and the committee, or may be called by a majority of the membership of either body in conference with the presiding officers.

The presiding officer of the committee may call special meetings of the Regional Advisory Committee as needed, giving at least seven days prior notice to members.

The Executive Director shall be responsible for preparing the agenda for each committee meeting.

Client or User Advisory Committees

Client/user advisory committees may be established.

Each established user advisory committee shall assist in:


Identifying regional needs to be considered for additional programs and services.

Planning strategies designed to meet identified regional needs.

Planning strategies to complete the objectives outlined in the ESC's annual plan.

Selection of Members

Members of the user advisory committees shall be selected according to the following guidelines:

Members shall be representative of a cross section of various local school districts and shall have a heterogeneous membership with equitable geographical distribution throughout the region.

Membership maybe approved by the superintendent of each district represented and by the Regional Advisory Committee.

Members shall serve for one school year.


Client/user advisory committees may be asked to:

Assist in planning activities designed to meet priority needs of the region.

Provide leadership in promoting coordination of regional resources.

Assist in development of needs assessment procedures, evaluation designs, and reporting procedures.

Advise on program implementation.

Assist in dissemination of information regarding programs, services, and activities of the region.

Region III Education Service Center



DATE ISSUED: 1/4/1999