Structural Pest Control

An individual must be licensed as a certified noncommercial applicator or technician if the individual is not licensed as a certified commercial applicator and the individual is an employee of the state or a political subdivision of the state and engages in the business of structural pest control other than applying a general use pesticide in an incidental use situation.

Notice of Treatment

Before an indoor treatment of an ESC building for pest control, the certified applicator or technician shall supply the official Structural Pest Control Board Consumer Information Sheet and a pest control sign to the ESC. The ESC shall have an employee or agent other than the certified applicator or technician notify the individuals who work at the ESC of the date of the planned treatment by:

  1. Posting the sign provided by the certified applicator or technician in an area of common access that the individuals are likely to check on a regular basis at least 48 hours before each planned treatment; and
  2. Providing the information sheet to any individual working in the building on request of the individual if the request is made during normal business hours.

Region III Education Service Center



DATE ISSUED: 7/16/2010