Vision of the Institution

Blinn College District will be the leading educational, cultural, and economic resource for our stakeholders.

Mission of the Institution

Blinn College District is a comprehensive community college committed to educational excellence and to individual and community enhancement.

Strategic Priority 1: Student Success

Blinn College District provides excellent learning experiences and services for students.


  1. Improve processes to support a seamless student experience.
  2. Enhance student skills to support academic achievement.
  3. Prepare students to meet workforce needs.
  4. Foster personal responsibility, social responsibility, and teamwork among students.

Strategic Priority 2: Community Enhancement

Blinn College District enriches the communities we serve.


  1. Be an economic resource in the communities we serve.
  2. Provide cultural enrichment in the communities we serve.
  3. Promote educational opportunities in the communities we serve.

Strategic Priority 3: Human Capital

Blinn College District invests in employees and improves its processes.


  1. Enhance the culture of employee recognition.
  2. Expand opportunities for ongoing professional development.
  3. Improve communication between departments and across levels.

Strategic Priority 4: Planned Growth

Blinn College District builds capacity to respond to demand and develops programs needed by our service area.


  1. Review and develop programs.
  2. Improve the efficient/effective use of resources.

Vision / Mission Review Process

The College District's vision and mission statements shall be reviewed on a regular basis, typically every three to five years, by a representative group of personnel, with input from College District stakeholders.

Statement of Ethics and Philosophy

It is the policy of the College District to apply the highest ethical standards to all members of the College District community including the Board, administration, staff, and faculty in achieving its mission and in managing its resources efficiently and effectively to reach its goals and objectives. The College District shall include a code of ethics for Board members, administration, staff, and faculty in its policy manual.

The College District seeks to treat each person of the College District community as a unique individual and provide a positive, encouraging, and success-oriented environment. College District policies and practices that protect the rights and development of each individual in the College District community shall be enforced. Protection from unlawful discrimination, including conduct that constitutes sexual harassment, and freedom to develop as a student and/or College District employee shall be promoted.

The College District accepts its responsibilities to its students, to its employees, and to the members of the community; the College District is committed to meet these responsibilities with balance, fairness, accountability, and ethical integrity.

Blinn College


LDU 2021.03

DATE ISSUED: 11/24/2021