Note: This policy addresses leaves in general. For provisions regarding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), including family and medical leave for an employee seeking leave because of a relative's military service, see DECA. For provisions addressing leave for an employee's military service, see DECB.


Religious Observances

Religious Holy Days

Mental Health Leave

  1. Provide clear and objective guidelines establishing the circumstances under which a peace officer is granted mental health leave and may use mental health leave;
  2. Entitle a peace officer to mental health leave without a deduction in salary or other compensation;
  3. Enumerate the number of mental health leave days available to a peace officer; and
  4. Detail the level of anonymity for a peace officer who takes mental health leave.

Paid Quarantine Leave

  1. Provide that a peace officer or emergency medical technician on paid quarantine leave receive:
    1. All employment benefits and compensation, including leave accrual, pension benefits, and health benefit plan benefits for the duration of the leave; and
    2. Reimbursement for reasonable costs related to the quarantine, including lodging, medical, and transportation; and
  2. Require that the leave be ordered by the person's supervisor or the political subdivision's health authority.

Local Gov't Code 180.008

Leave to Care for Sick Foster Child

Compliance with a Subpoena

Jury Duty

Attendance at Truancy Hearing

Development Leaves of Absence

Granting Leaves of Absence

  1. The faculty member is eligible by reason of service.
  2. The purpose for which a faculty development leave is sought is one for which a faculty development leave may be granted.
  3. Granting the leave will not place on faculty development leave a greater number of faculty members than that authorized.

Service Required

Duration and Compensation Additional Employment

Number on Leave at One Time

Administrator Development Leave

  1. Return to work at the institution for an amount of time equal to the amount of time the administrator received for development leave; or
  2. Repay the institution for all the costs of the development leave, including the amount of the administrator's salary, if any, paid during the leave.

Absence Control

Blinn College



DATE ISSUED: 11/17/2021