Excused Absences

"Religious Holy Days"

Education Code 51.911; 19 TAC 4.4, 9.24

Military Service

"Active Military Service"

Excused Absence for Active Military Service

Policies and Procedures

The retention of a student's coursework completed during the portion of the course prior to the student being called to active military service;

The course syllabus or other instructional plan, so that the student will be able to complete the course without prejudice and under the same course requirements that were in effect when the student enrolled in the course;

A definition of a reasonable time after the absence for the completion of assignments and examinations;

Procedures for failure of a student to satisfactorily complete the assignment or examination within a reasonable time after the absence; and

A dispute resolution process regarding the policy.

19 TAC 4.9(c), (e)


Notification to SEVIS

A student enrolled under an F or M visa withdraws from the institution or withdraws from all courses in which the student is enrolled; or

The institution dismisses a student enrolled under an F or M visa for nonattendance or takes any other official administrative action in regard to the student as a result of the student's nonattendance.

Education Code 51.9091

Blinn College



DATE ISSUED: 3/26/2013