Note: For procedures related to student discipline, see FMA.

Penalties for Student Misconduct

A student shall be subject to discipline for violations of College District policies and procedures, including the rules outlining expectations for student conduct [see FLB]. If a student commits an infraction or engages in misconduct, the College District may impose one or more of the following penalties:

Reprimand - A verbal or written warning following a rule violation. Repetition of such a violation may result in more severe disciplinary action.

Restitution - Reimbursement for damage to or misappropriation of property. Reimbursement may take the form of appropriate service to repair or otherwise compensate for damage.

Conditional Probation - Includes restrictions on a student's rights and privileges and/or requiring completion of specific tasks (counseling, online courses, self-help initiatives, and the like). The probation may be for a specified length of time or for an indefinite period according to the relative severity of the infraction or misconduct. Failure to fulfill the terms of the probation may lead to suspension or expulsion.

Residence Hall Removal – Removal from residence hall for a definite time period.

Suspension - Withdrawal from the College District for either a definite period of time or until stated conditions have been met. Suspensions may exceed one semester.

Expulsion - Permanent withdrawal from the College District. A student receiving disciplinary expulsion shall have the action noted in the student's permanent record.

Suspended or Expelled Students

No former student who has been suspended or expelled from the College District for disciplinary reasons shall be permitted on the campus or other facilities of the College District, initiated into an honorary or service organization, or permitted to receive credit for academic work done in residence or by correspondence or extension during the period of suspension or expulsion without the prior written approval of the Chancellor or a designated representative.

Disciplinary Record

The College District shall maintain for every student determined to have committed an infraction at the College District, a disciplinary record that provides details regarding the violation, the disposition of the allegation, and the sanction assessed, if any, and any other pertinent information. The disciplinary record shall be separate from the student's academic record and shall be treated as confidential; the contents shall not be revealed except on request of the student or in accordance with applicable state or federal laws.

The disciplinary record shall be maintained permanently in the event that a student is expelled or subject to an extended suspension. In all other cases, the disciplinary record shall be maintained in accordance with the College District's record retention schedule.


Information regarding student discipline described in College District policies and accompanying procedures shall be published in the student handbook.

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LDU 2017.06

DATE ISSUED: 7/14/2017