News Releases


The Superintendent shall serve as the primary spokesperson for the District on all matters of District-wide interest. If the Superintendent is unavailable to the news media, the Board President shall serve as the spokesperson for the District.

Should the Superintendent and the Board President be unavailable, the District's attorneys shall serve as spokespersons for the District.

News releases of a political or controversial nature, as well as those concerning the overall operation of District schools, or that involve more than one campus shall be made only by the Superintendent or designee.

Other news releases concerning athletic events, programs, and local campus activities shall be released to the news media by the public information officer.

School Board

The Board President shall serve as the primary spokesperson on behalf of the Board. Individual Board members shall not speak on behalf of the entire Board unless designated by a majority of the Board to do so. A Board member shall not be restricted from talking with the media so long as statements are clearly identified as individual opinions and not representative of other Board members or the entire Board.

Communications During a Crisis

In any crisis situation affecting the District or an individual campus, the Superintendent shall be the official District spokesperson and shall be responsible for all communication with the news media.

United ISD



DATE ISSUED: 6/4/2013