The Superintendent shall appoint a District coordinator to administer and supervise volunteer programs at each campus.

All prospective volunteers shall annually complete a School/Parent Volunteer application form provided by the District. Appropriate guidelines shall be established defining the qualifications, duties, and ethical and legal responsibilities of volunteers. Pre-service training shall be provided for volunteers prior to placement in schools.

Authority of School Personnel

Volunteers in the school shall work directly under the supervision of the principal or designee of the school to which the volunteer is assigned. Upon arriving at the school, volunteers shall register in the principal's office and shall follow the established guidelines for volunteers.

Scope of Program

Partnership volunteers may offer their service individually or as part of an organizational project from groups such as, but not limited to, the following:

Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs);

Parent Organizations/Booster Clubs;


Community organizations;

Professional associations;

Civic groups;

District personnel;

Religious community;

Senior citizen groups;

Universities and community colleges; and

Student organizations.

Partnership volunteers may participate but are not limited to any one of the following types of programs:


Career Day speakers;


Clerical/technological assistance; and

Advisory boards/committees.


A mentor is defined as a volunteer whose relationship with a student is established outside the home classroom and whose contact time with a student places him or her in close proximity on a regular basis.

Each prospective partnership volunteer who will serve as a student mentor shall be required to sign a statement of consent allowing the District to obtain the volunteer's criminal history record. The criminal history record shall be received, reviewed, and approved by the assistant superintendent of human resources. Notification of release from volunteer service, when necessary, shall be made through the District coordinator for volunteer and community services.

Central Office Mentors

The Board encourages central office staff to participate in the volunteer mentor program as an example for others in the community and directs the Superintendent or designee to develop reasonable operational guidelines to facilitate such participation. A criminal history check is not required for District employees.


No school volunteers shall be authorized to operate a school-owned motor vehicle. All efforts that require the operation of a motor vehicle for a school-related program shall be undertaken by District employees.

United ISD


LDU 2012.07

DATE ISSUED: 10/9/2012