Minimum Enrollment

Full-Day Students

Half-Day Students

Alternative Attendance Accounting Program

Attendance for State Funding Purposes

Funding for Off-Campus Programs


The student is participating in a board-approved activity under the direction of a member of a district's professional or paraprofessional staff, or an adjunct staff member who has a bachelor's degree and is eligible for participation in TRS. [See FM]

The student is participating in a mentorship approved by district personnel to serve as one or more of the advanced measures needed to complete the Distinguished Achievement Program outlined in 19 Administrative Code Chapter 74. [See EIF]

The student is absent for one of the purposes listed at Excused Absences for Compulsory Attendance Determinations in FEA(LEGAL).

The student is in attendance at a dropout recovery education program under Education Code 29.081. [See GNC]

The student's absence is permitted by other conditions related to off-campus instruction described in the SAAH.


Parental Consent to Leave Campus

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DATE ISSUED: 7/3/2018