Planning and Evaluation

The College District shall demonstrate planning and evaluation in its educational programs and its administrative and educational support services. For each administrative and educational support service unit, the College District shall:

Establish a clearly defined purpose that supports the College District's purpose and goals.

Formulate goals that support the purpose of each unit.

Develop and implement procedures to evaluate the extent to which these goals are being achieved in each unit.

Use the results of the evaluations to improve educational programs, administrative, and educational support services.

Each unit, in its planning and evaluation processes, should consider internal and external factors and should develop evaluation methods that will yield information useful to the planning processes of that unit.


Institutional research is an integral part of the College District's planning and evaluation process. It shall be effective in collecting and analyzing data and disseminating results. The College District shall regularly evaluate the effectiveness of its institutional research process and use its findings for the improvement of its process.

The College District shall assign administrative responsibility for conducting institutional research, allocate adequate resources, and allow access to relevant information.

Institutional Effectiveness

The level of institutional quality at the College District depends not only on its educational processes and resources but also on the successful use of those processes and resources to achieve established goals. To this end, the College District shall annually review its statement of purpose, establish institutional goals and objectives related to this purpose, develop procedures/processes to evaluate effectiveness, and use the results in a broad-based, continuous planning and evaluation process. Procedures shall include but not be limited to planning, evaluating, and researching.

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DATE ISSUED: 3/18/2010