Full-time employment with the College District demands an individual's full-time expertise, commitment, and energies. However, the College District recognizes the value to its students, it employees, and the community arising from outside consulting, professional experiences, part-time employment, or self-employment in which members of the faculty, administrative staff, and classified staff may engage.

Additional employment for full-time employees shall be governed by the following guidelines.

In advance of accepting or assuming employment outside one's College District responsibilities, a full-time College District employee must submit a written request by email to his or her immediate supervisor, the component dean, the director of human resources, and the College President. The email must include in detail the following information:

  1. Type of employment;
  2. Place of employment;
  3. Dates, days, and hours involved; and
  4. Assurance that outside employment does not:
    1. Occur at a time when the employee is expected to perform his or her primary work obligation at the College District;
    2. Diminish the employee's efficiency or effectiveness in performing his or her primary work obligations at the College District;
    3. Conflict with the mission or best interest of the College District;
    4. Utilize any College District facilities, resources, property, equipment, or staff or will not be performed on College District property; or
    5. Violate applicable laws and regulations.

The immediate supervisor and the component dean shall confer and approve or deny the request. If approved, the component dean shall notify human resources by email of the approval and attach the original request. The component dean shall make the College President aware of the approval.

In the event an employee request is denied by the supervisor or component dean, the employee may request a review by the College President.

A full-time employee may accept employment outside of the College District's assigned duties so long as such employment does not reduce the efficiency of the employee. The immediate supervisor shall determine whether such work is detracting from the efficiency of the individual employee.

The following examples, listed for illustration and not as limits, are situations that shall be considered as detracting from the efficiency of the individual:

Employees shall use College District resources only to support educational objectives of the College District. An employee shall not use the College District facilities, administrative assistants, office supplies, equipment, technology, or other resources for personal gain or outside employment. Limited use of office computers and/or the internet is exempted.

An employee who operates an independent business shall conduct any work relating to such business or employment outside of the employee's normal work hours established by the College District. An employee shall not promote, solicit, or engage in non-College District-related for-profit business activities on College District property. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, selling food, crafts, clothing, or personal care products.

An employee found to be in violation of the provisions of this policy, including the requirement to disclose the nature and scope of any outside employment, shall be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to review, probation, suspension, or termination.

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DATE ISSUED: 11/21/2018