Thomas A. and Ethel King Scholarships

The Thomas A. and Ethel King Foundation was established to promote academic excellence by students at Vernon High School by providing scholarship awards. The fund shall be administered by the Board in accordance with stipulations of the foundation as follows:

On April 30 annually, interest earned from September 1 of the prior year shall be added to interest accrued from May 1 through August 31 of the current year to determine total interest earnings.

Of the total interest earnings, 25 percent shall be added to the fund principle, and 75 percent shall be distributed to the three highest ranking students.

Student ranking shall be determined in the same manner as eligibility for valedictory and salutatory honors, and candidates for King Scholarships must have met all requirements for valedictory and salutatory honors. [See EIC]

The awards to the three highest ranking students shall be determined in the following manner:

Six-fourteenths shall go to the highest-ranking graduate.

Five-fourteenths shall go to the second highest-ranking graduate.

Three-fourteenths shall go to the third highest ranking graduate.

In case of a tie in weighted averages among the three highest ranked students, the following methods shall be used to determine who shall be awarded scholarships:

The weighted grade average shall be computed to a sufficient number of decimal places until the tie is broken.

However, if a tie remains, the student with the highest numerical grade average for all courses taken during high school shall break the tie and be awarded the specific distinction.

Scholarships shall be mailed to the registrar of the college in which the student is enrolled upon that registrar's certification of the enrollment of the award winner.

Vernon ISD


LDU 2010.02

DATE ISSUED: 5/4/2010