Criteria for Name Selection

In selecting names for a school or a District facility, consideration shall be given to names that will have significant meaning to students and the community in accordance with the following categories:

  1. A local geographical area where the school or facility will be erected;
  2. A name of historical significance to the geographical area or to local, state, or national events;
  3. A name that describes the program housed in the facility or that describes the function of the facility;
  4. A person who has served the District or community, especially in service to children; or
  5. A local, state, or national heroic figure.

Recommendation Process

The Superintendent shall solicit recommendations for names from staff, students, and the community.

A recommendation for a name associated with a historical or geographic site shall include a written rationale and/or a description of the significance of the suggested name.

A recommendation for an individual's name shall include a written rationale and/or a description of the named person's accomplishments and must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. The person shall be widely respected, regardless of any partisan affiliation;
  2. The person shall be someone of character who embodies a wholesome image that would be expected to stand the test of time;
  3. The person shall have made a significant contribution to society or to public education;
  4. The person shall have a background of service to people of the District, Texas, and/or the United States; and
  5. The person's name must lend prestige to the school or District facility.

If choosing to memorialize a person in the naming of a school or District facility, the Board shall not bestow the honor while the person is living.

Selection Process

The Superintendent shall appoint a committee that includes employees and community members to review submitted recommendations. The committee shall submit up to three names to the Board for consideration.

The Board shall have the final authority in determining the name of a school or District facility.

Dedication Ceremony

The District shall dedicate a new school or District facility at an appropriate ceremony held as soon as possible after occupancy.

Jarrell ISD


LDU 2018.02

DATE ISSUED: 4/24/2018