Guidelines and Procedures

Guidelines and procedures for the expenditure of District and campus activity funds are detailed in the Financial Information Resource Manual (FIRM). Expenditures must conform to the District's educational purpose and provide a commensurate benefit to the District or its students through one or more of the following standards. The expenditure must:

Coincide with the District's vision, mission, and/or core values;

Provide for increased student achievement;

Create and maintain a safe, orderly, and nurturing environment;

Develop and maintain effective and efficient operations;

Cultivate an awareness of diverse cultures, environmental issues, and community service;

Promote District and/or school spirit; or

Enhance the morale of students and/or faculty.

Each school will have and maintain a student activity account to manage class, organization, and other funds for the student body. All monies will be handled according to procedures published in the FIRM or on the District's Web site.


Campus organizations will be limited to two fund-raising activities per year with an outside vendor through the activity fund. Raffles, bingo, and other games of chance are not permitted. All fund-raising activities must be conducted in accordance with procedures set forth in the FIRM.

Proceeds from fund-raising activities should benefit the group of students who generated the funds. Therefore, funds should not be allowed to accumulate in the club activity accounts. If deemed excessive and if no specific plan for expenditure exists, a portion of excessive club balances may be transferred to the general activity funds of the school at the discretion of the authorized campus administrator.


All purchases from the activity fund must be made in accordance with established purchasing laws, rules, and regulations, and be consistent with all local policies.

Termination of Organization

In the event of the termination of an organization, club, group, or graduating class, the membership should move to properly expend all funds. Proper disposition of such remaining monies includes but is not limited to:

The purchase of a memorial that is acceptable to the campus administrator.

The purchase of equipment or tangible items that would benefit future students. Such equipment must be purchased within the guidelines contained in the FIRM.

Should an organization fail to take the above action, any monies remaining will be transferred to the school's general activity fund at the end of the school year.

Round Rock ISD


LDU 2010.01

DATE ISSUED: 2/25/2010