The District shall permit students for whom the District does not receive state transportation funds to use District transportation, in accordance with time and space limitations and administrative regulations.

Applicable fees, if any, shall be approved by the Board and published in administrative regulations.

Hazardous Traffic Conditions and High-Risk Areas

The Board shall adopt a resolution to identify hazardous conditions and high-risk areas within two miles of a school campus. The resolution shall describe the specific areas in which students reside who would otherwise be ineligible for transportation, but for whom the District shall provide transportation because of the hazardous conditions in those areas. The Board shall adopt a revised resolution when necessary to accurately reflect changes to the conditions or areas.

The District shall publish the locations of the routes with hazardous conditions.

The Board shall allow the Superintendent or designee to implement and/or remove additional temporary hazardous condition areas as deemed needed by the administration.

Temporary hazardous condition areas include, but are not limited to, construction projects, road work, sidewalks, and utility infrastructure.

Factors to consider in determining and implementing temporary hazardous condition areas include, but are not limited to, length of construction project and crossing guards in place of school buses for added safety.

The start/end date of the determined temporary hazardous condition area shall be communicated to the affected campus, parents, and students as soon as practicable.

Round Rock ISD


LDU 2018.01

DATE ISSUED: 2/9/2018