Non-Chapter 21 Contracts

The District shall employ professional employees at the executive leadership level on a non-Chapter 21 contract, which shall not be governed by Chapter 21 of the Education Code.

These contracts shall be for a term of one year, but shall not extend beyond the current District fiscal year.

Personnel employed under non-Chapter 21 contracts shall not have an entitlement or expectation in employment beyond the contract term.

Personnel employed under Chapter 21 educator contracts who accept employment positions that do not require certification and are not required by law to receive such contracts shall be under a non-Chapter 21 contract or on an at-will basis. [See DCD]

Appeal of Employment Actions

An employee may appeal discharge during the contract period in accordance with DCE(LEGAL).

An employee whose contract is not reissued at the end of the contract period may appeal to the Board in accordance with DGBA(LOCAL).

Round Rock ISD


LDU 2017.02

DATE ISSUED: 5/8/2017