Prior Approval Required

An employee shall be reimbursed for reasonable, allowable expenses incurred in carrying out District business only with the prior approval of the employee's immediate supervisor or appropriate budget manager.

Travel Reimbursements

All reimbursements for travel must be documented and shall be subject to reasonable criteria in addition to specific District rules and regulations regarding employee travel.

All rules and regulations to be followed for employee travel and approval requirements are outlined in the District Financial Information Resource Manual (FIRM) found on the District's website.

If in the opinion of the employee's supervisor or appropriate budget manager who approves the travel, the expenses are excessive, repetitive, not properly documented, or not related to the purpose of the travel, the expenses shall not be paid or reimbursed and shall become the sole responsibility of the employee who incurred the expense.

An employee who has a question about the propriety of an expense should resolve the question prior to incurring the expense. The chief financial officer shall have final determination regarding allowable expenses.

Travel advances are not a general practice of the District and may only be approved on an exception basis by the chief financial officer.

Centralized District Travel Services and Related Expenses

All District travel requiring reservations for lodging, airfare, and rental vehicle shall be centralized within the purchasing office. The purchasing office's travel coordinator, who is an employee of the District, shall perform centralized travel arrangements for all District campuses and departments. The travel coordinator shall assist District personnel in planning and making District travel arrangements.

With approval by the director of purchasing and materials management, a travel agent may be used, if deemed necessary due to travel request workloads, complexity of specific trips, or other justifiable reasons.

The District's travel coordinator shall be required to arrange for and purchase all air travel, lodging, and rental car reservations for all employee travel. Certain exceptions to use centralized travel services may be granted, but must be approved in advance by the District purchasing office. Failure to use the District's travel coordinator without prior approval may result in non-reimbursable expenses.

Travel reservations and related expenses shall be charged to the central purchasing card assigned to the travel office. All employee travel expenses incurred by the traveler shall be charged to the appropriate budget accounts.

Out-of-Texas Travel

Authorization for District travel outside of Texas shall require approval of the appropriate chief or Superintendent before any arrangements for travel can be made.

Out-of-Country Travel

District-related travel outside the United States shall not be allowed, with the exception of International Baccalaureate (IB) training not offered within the continental United States and human resource services recruitment for highly qualified teachers in identified shortage areas.

Authorization for travel outside the country shall require approval of the Superintendent before any arrangements for travel can be made.

Round Rock ISD


LDU 2017.07

DATE ISSUED: 10/17/2017