Hunter Education / Criminal Justice

Instructors in hunter education/criminal justice courses shall be permitted to bring or arrange for authorized individuals to bring unloaded firearms onto school premises for instructional purposes upon strict compliance with the following requirements:

The instructor shall obtain written authorization from the campus principal listing each time a firearm will be brought onto school premises. This authorization shall include both the instructor's and the principal's names and signatures;

The authorization shall specify the firearm owner's name, number, types, and serial numbers of firearms to be used for instructional aids;

The authorization shall specify when the firearms may be used and when they must be removed from campus.

The instructor shall carry the authorization when firearms are on school premises;

A copy of each authorization shall be maintained on file in the campus administrative office;

No live ammunition is permitted on campus except when in the possession of a peace officer.


The principal shall notify local law enforcement officials when a hunter education/criminal justice program is offered at the campus and that instructors are authorized to be in possession of unloaded firearms on school premises.

Round Rock ISD



DATE ISSUED: 11/6/2000