Career and Technology Programs

Career and technology programs shall be operated in accordance with the State Plan for Career and Technology Education.

Whenever possible, actual work experience will be incorporated into all career and technology programs. As appropriate, actual work experience will take the form of cooperative education training or other work-based experiences, construction or repair, or other commercial services performed for the public in various laboratories. In all instances, programs providing practical work experience shall be organized and conducted solely for the purpose of providing the students with valuable training experience.

The program director, with the advice of the particular laboratory instructor, shall make the final decision on services to be performed. This shall apply whether the work to be done is for the school, a private individual, a business organization, or a civic or charitable organization.

The Board believes that constructive attitudes and concepts stressing the dignity of all kinds of work should be woven into existing curriculum, especially in the beginning grades.

School programs and courses should expose students to a wide variety of careers in the world of work and provide school-based, work-based, and connecting activities while the student pursues a rigorous course of study in order to succeed at the post secondary level.

Round Rock ISD



DATE ISSUED: 4/27/1998