Grades 3–12

The grade book will be a teacher's record and/or file of evidence to support grades reported on the report card. Grades will be logical, justifiable, and sufficient in number to ensure that the report card grade is an accurate measure of the student's progress and achievement.

In order to be awarded a grade of "70" in a course or subject, a student must demonstrate 70 percent mastery of the District's curriculum objectives in any recording period.

Teachers will provide a sufficient number of grades to allow multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery. The processes and criteria for grading, reteaching, and redoing will be consistent on a campus for each subject or grade level.

Grades 6–12

Teachers will be required to have at least one grade per week be-ginning the first full week of school.

For the purpose of determining six-week averages, campus administration and departments or course levels will establish guidelines that govern assessments or grades.

Final exams will be weighted 16 percent for high school and ten percent for middle school.

Credit Repair for Grades 9–12

The District offers an online program for credit recovery called Credit Repair E2020, which provides an opportunity at the end of a six-week grading period for a student to be retaught and retested as provided in EIA(LOCAL). E2020 may also be used as an intervention tool at any time during a marking period to address specific learning gaps.


A student will be eligible to participate in Credit Repair E2020 if:

He or she has failed a six-week grading period of a course; or

He or she demonstrates learning gaps during a six-week grading period.

Credit Repair is not an option for AP or Pre-AP courses since the E2020 curriculum is not approved by the College Board.

Round Rock ISD


LDU 2014.06

DATE ISSUED: 8/28/2014