Prior to adoption of attendance zones for new schools or changes in existing attendance zones, public hearings shall be conducted in accordance with the following procedures:

The administration shall develop a preliminary report that should include demographics, a single set of recommended attendance zone changes, and other pertinent considerations.

The report shall be presented to the Board for discussion, possible changes, and acceptance prior to proceeding with the boundary process.

Following the Board's acceptance of the attendance zone changes, the administration shall present the proposed changes directly to the public via public hearings.

The District shall hold two public hearings. The Board shall have the discretion to increase the number of hearings in the event that a large number of attendance zones are being impacted.

Citizens residing in attendance zones that are potentially impacted by the preliminary recommendation shall be invited and encouraged to attend the public hearings.

The administration shall publicly advertise the hearings at least five calendar days in advance of the first scheduled public hearing in a local newspaper and on its Web site at www.roundrockisd.org. The administration shall provide information through other internal and external communication resources available to the District.

Following the last public hearing, the administration shall recommend to the Board any adjustments to the proposed attendance zone changes as a discussion item at the next regularly scheduled meeting or called Board meeting. The administration's recommendations shall have considered comments from the public hearings.

The Board, through consensus, mayconsider public feedback from the hearings and direct the administration to modify the proposed attendance zone changes as part of the discussion item.

At a subsequent regular Board meeting, the proposed attendance zone change(s) shall be an action item. This meeting shall constitute an additional public hearing and shall be advertised according to the District's policy regarding advertisements of regular or called Board meetings.

Attendance zone revisions shall occur between October 1 and March 1 of each school year unless otherwise determined by the Board due to unforeseen circumstances.

Round Rock ISD


LDU 2012.05

DATE ISSUED: 9/28/2012