Certain Students at Risk for Anaphylaxis

Individualized Health Plans

The District's food allergy health plans will be individualized for all students who have food allergies.

Upon notification of a student's food allergy, a working partnership with appropriate personnel will begin. Upon receipt of signed medical plans and parental consent, the individual health plan (IHP) will be developed.

Environmental Controls

In the case of a severe, life-threatening food allergy, the school principal will collaborate with the school nurse to send letters to other parents of students in the same class(es) requesting that parents voluntarily refrain from sending the allergen food in their child's belongings during school or during after-school activities, celebrations, or parties.

The principal will designate a food allergy friendly area or lunch table. The custodial department will be instructed to use commercial wipes and cleaners that remove the allergen from hard surfaces.

Non-food items will be adapted in curriculum, as needed, for those classes that include students with life-threatening food allergies.

Employee Education

The District will annually teach all employees to recognize an allergic reaction and how to use the rescue drug (epi-pen).

Annual Review of Policy and Procedure

In order to stay current with the management of food allergies in the school setting, policies and procedures will be reviewed annually.

Round Rock ISD


LDU 2012.06

DATE ISSUED: 9/7/2012