Commencement Exercises

To be eligible to participate in commencement activities and ceremonies, a student shall meet all state and local graduation requirements, including all applicable state testing. [See EI, EIF]

A student who attended a District high school during the freshman and sophomore years and who completed the junior and senior years at either the Science Academy at North Texas State University or the Humanities Academy at Lamar University may participate in commencement exercises at the District high school.

A student completing an alternative education program at a campus other than his or her home high school campus may participate in commencement exercises with approval from the home high school principal.

Board Member Participation

Board members shall be invited to participate actively in presenting diplomas to the graduating class. Current Board members and former Board members shall be invited to present diplomas to their own children or grandchildren upon their graduation. Up to five special requests per year shall be granted for presenting diplomas by former Board members. [See BDAA(LOCAL)]

Round Rock ISD


LDU 2017.04

DATE ISSUED: 6/2/2017