Appeal of an Expulsion Order

A student expelled by order of the Board's designee after the due process hearing [see FOD(LEGAL)] may request that the Board review the expulsion decision. The student or parent/guardian shall submit a written request to the Board's designee within five days after receipt of the written decision. The Board's designee shall provide the requestor(s) written notice of the date, time, and place of the meeting at which the Board will review the decision.

The Board shall review the record of the due process hearing on the expulsion in closed meeting unless the parent/guardian requests in writing that the matter be heard in open meeting. The Board may also hear a statement from the student or parent/guardian and from the Board's designee.

The Board shall base its decision on evidence reflected in the record and any statements made by the parties at the review. The Board shall make and communicate its decision orally after its deliberation.


Expelled students are prohibited from being on District property or attending school-related extracurricular activities during the period of expulsion.

Round Rock ISD


LDU 2008.04

DATE ISSUED: 6/24/2008