The Board shall have complete authority in regard to naming or renaming any facility, property, or fixture (building, annex, stadium, grove, area, fountain, scoreboard, clock, and the like). The Board may appoint a committee to study and suggest possible names.

A new building shall be named for one of the following:

Historical or geographical site or community;

Deceased, significant individual;

Local, state, or national historical event or place;

Significant state or national figure; or

A person who has made a significant contribution to education in the District.

Nomination Process

The nominations of names shall be publicized and solicited through available media sources. An individual or group may nominate names, in accordance with this policy.

If the nominated name is of a historical or geographic site, the name submitted shall be accompanied by a written rationale and/or a description of the significance of the name.

If the nominated name is of an individual, the name submitted shall be accompanied by a written rationale and/or a description of the named person's accomplishments. Each name nominated shall fulfill the following criteria:

The nominee shall be widely respected, regardless of any partisan affiliation.

The nominee shall be a person of character who embodies a wholesome image that would be expected to stand the test of time.

The nominee shall have a background of service to people of the District, Texas, and/or the United States.

Dedications / Memorials

The dedication of a facility in memory of an individual shall follow the same guidelines. Any memorial or similar type of addition, property, or fixtures to be erected on or attached to grounds or a facility must first be approved by the Board. Prior to deliberation and action, plans outlining all aspects of the proposed memorial, site, and installation process must be submitted to the Board in the same manner described in this policy for nominations of names for new facilities.


Each building or addition shall have a plaque attached upon completion. The plaque shall list the building name and the names of the Superintendent and Board members who served at the time the community voted to pass the bonds, at the time the contract was let, and at the time of the dedication for the building or addition. The architect and construction date shall also be included.

Leander ISD


LDU 2015.01

DATE ISSUED: 1/23/2015