Use of District Facilities

Organizations representing professional, paraprofessional, or support employees may use District facilities with prior approval of the appropriate administrator. Other groups composed of District employees may use District facilities in accordance with policy GKD.

Participation in Organizations / Activities

An employee's participation in community, political, or employee organization activities shall be entirely voluntary and shall not:

Interfere with the employee's performance of assigned duties and responsibilities.

Result in any political or social pressure being placed on students, parents, or staff.

Involve trading on the employee's position or title with the District.

Involve the use of any District funds, school vehicles, equipment, telephones, or materials at any time, nor facilities during school hours, or time.

Political Activities

Any participation in political activities by District employees shall be during off-duty time. Employees engaging in political activity shall make it clear that their views and actions are theirs as individuals and that they in no manner represent the views of the District.


All school personnel may exercise their right and duty to participate in the election process, especially for local elections and also for state and national elections. The following guidelines are given by the Board to ensure that all employees can exercise their right to the fullest measure and feel complete freedom to openly and actively support the candidate of their choice.

Administrators should use care so that nothing said or done could be construed as undue pressure on people under him or her to vote for or against a particular person or issue. This policy is not intended to restrict the free exchange of ideas of employees or otherwise affect their rights of discussion or to make inquiries of their supervisors or colleagues regarding public issues or political contests.

Employees are encouraged to refer political candidates, Board candidates, or any other citizen seeking information relating to school operations to the Superintendent in order to prevent any student, employee, or public confusion that might be created by misstatement of school policies, administrative actions, or Board decisions.

On District Premises

No employee shall engage in political activities upon property under the jurisdiction of the Board. "Property" as used herein includes school premises, property owned by the District, and property in the possession of the District, whether the possession be through lease or otherwise.

Political activities not permitted shall include the following:

Posting of political circulars or petitions on bulletin board.

Using students for writing or addressing political materials, or the distribution of such materials to students.

During Active Duty Time

Political activities not permitted during active duty time shall include:

Distribution to school employees of political circulars or petitions unless sent through the United States mail.

Collecting and/or soliciting of funds for political use.

Soliciting campaign workers.

District Elections

Elections to determine membership to the Board shall be considered political; however, nothing in this policy shall prevent:

Disseminating information concerning school tax and/or bond elections.

Discussing and studying politics and political issues in the classroom when such discussions and study are appropriate to classroom studies such as history, current events, and political science.

Leander ISD



DATE ISSUED: 7/22/2004