Valedictorian and Salutatorian

The valedictorian and the salutatorian of the graduating senior class shall be determined as follows:

Only students who have followed the District's Advanced/Distinguished Achievement or Recommended Program for graduation shall be eligible for valedictorian or salutatorian honors.

The valedictorian and salutatorian for the graduating class of 2004 and thereafter shall be selected from the students with the two highest grade point averages (GPA) based on their academic records of credits earned while taking high school coursework. A student who transfers to the District shall have all of his or her coursework entered into his or her District transcripts and configured to meet the GPA as outlined in this policy.

Only students who are in their fourth year of high school shall be considered for these honors.

Only students who have attended the District's high school for their entire sophomore, junior, and senior years shall be considered for these honors.

In each of the last two years of attendance, a minimum of four academic courses must be taken each semester. An average of all eligible subjects shall be obtained for each student with the exception of physical education, athletics, and band (when taken in lieu of physical education).

Determination of averages shall include all courses taken for high school credit and shall be made as follows:

A weighted system shall be used. Subjects shall be classified as regular and advanced, which shall include Advanced Placement (AP), Pre-AP, and concurrent enrollment coursework.

AP courses shall be defined as those courses having specific criteria, a definite scope and sequence that reflect the nature of the subject, a differentiated curriculum that includes a wider range and greater depth of subject matter than that of a regular course as prescribed by the College Board. These courses shall include all AP courses; Pre-AP courses; advanced courses, which shall also include concurrent enrollment courses taken through an accredited college as approved by the CoordinatingBoard and the Texas Education Agency (TEA); and Articulated Tech-Prep Courses as outlined by TEA as being transferable as college credits.

All other classes except physical education, athletics, and band (when taken in lieu of physical education) shall be treated as regular classes.

The maximum point value for each type of subject is:

The actual point value for each semester grade shall be based on the semester average in that class. At the end of each semester, the student's GPA shall be figured, and his or her class ranking shall be established based on the criteria set forth in this policy.

No points shall be counted for a failing semester average, but the class shall be counted when the points are added and averaged for the semester GPA.

The points earned for each semester grade shall be added. This total shall be divided by the total number of semester courses taken (with the exception of physical education, athletics, and band when band is taken in lieu of physical education), including any courses failed.

For the purpose of class ranking for graduation, the second semester average of the senior year shall be an average of the fourth and fifth six-week grades. Final class ranking shall occur after the end of the sixth six-week grading period of the senior year and shall include the full year to obtain a student's final class rank.

All the points shall be added and divided by the total number of courses credited on a student's high school transcript and shall be carried out to four decimal points.

The student with the highest GPA determined by the above method shall be the valedictorian. If two or more students have the same GPA, the tie shall be broken by carrying out the GPA to the fifth decimal place. Should a tie still exist, a student's overall numeric grade shall be the next tie breaker. This numeric grade shall be the average of the student's high school coursework. The student with the second highest rank shall be the salutatorian. All other students shall be ranked in descending order to determine the final class ranking. Ties in GPAs shall be awarded the same class rank.

The following point conversion table shall be used:


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DATE ISSUED: 2/28/2005