Residency Requirement

The District shall require all full-time personnel to establish and maintain a permanent residence within the District.

Condition of Employment

Employment of full-time personnel is conditioned upon establishing and maintaining a residence within the District. The contractual agreement, if any, between the employee and the District shall reflect the residency requirement.

Failure to establish and maintain a residence within the District may be reason for termination or nonrenewal.


Waivers to the residency requirement may be approved by the Board if, in its opinion, extenuating circumstances exist. When determining whether a waiver shall be granted, the Board shall consider the following factors:

The length of time the employee has been employed by the District;

The length of time the employee has resided in the District;

Whether the employee resides outside of District boundaries as a result of extenuating circumstances, such as availability of housing, marriage, divorce, caring for an ill family member, and the like; and

Critical shortage areas of employment.

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LDU 2013.02

DATE ISSUED: 4/24/2013