1. Approve all teacher and staff appointments for the campus. [See DK]
  2. Set specific education objectives for the campus, through the planning process.
  3. Develop budgets for the campus.
  4. Assume administrative responsibility and instructional leadership, under the supervision of the superintendent, for discipline at the campus.
  5. Assign, evaluate, and promote all personnel assigned to the campus.
  6. Recommend to the superintendent the termination, suspension, or nonrenewal of an employee assigned to the campus.
  7. Perform any other duties assigned by the superintendent pursuant to board policy.
  8. Regularly consult with the campus-level committee in the planning, operation, supervision, and evaluation of the campus educational program. [See BQ series]
  9. Each school year, with the assistance of the campus-level committee, develop, review, and revise the campus improvement plan. [See BQ]
  10. (For high school principals only) Serve, or appoint someone to serve, as deputy registrar for the county in which the school is located. Election Code 13.046

Principal's Report to Superintendent


  1. Of an educator's termination of employment or resignation following an alleged incident of misconduct under Education Code 21.006(b); or
  2. The principal knew about an educator's criminal record under Education Code 21.006(b)(1).

Noncertified Employees

  1. Abused or otherwise committed an unlawful act with a student or minor; or
  2. Was involved in a romantic relationship with or solicited or engaged in sexual contact with a student or minor.

Sanctions and Administrative Penalty

Criminal Offense

Aransas County ISD



DATE ISSUED: 11/8/2019