The responsibility for naming each new facility rests with the Board. A school facility shall generally be named for a person, place, or distinctive geographic location.

If the name of a person is to be considered, the following guidelines shall be followed:

The individual must be recognizable by the general public and/or school community and be widely respected regardless of political affiliations.

The person must embody exemplary human qualities that can serve as a model of excellence for students who will attend the facility.

The individual must have a background of service to adults and children of the community, the state, or the nation.

The name must not already be used by another school or similar facility in the surrounding area.

The individual may be living or deceased; however, greater consideration shall be given to names of the deceased.

Renaming Facilities

In situations deemed appropriate, the Board may take steps to rename a school facility. In renaming the facility, the provisions set forth above shall be followed.

Public Input

An individual, group of citizens, or any organization may make a proposal to the Board regarding the naming or renaming of a school or facility.

Public Dedication

A new or renamed school building or facility shall be dedicated in a formal public ceremony with a program to which the Board, citizens, parents, and students are invited.

Dedication Plaque

A dedication plaque shall be placed in each new school building or facility. The plaque shall include the names of all Board members seated at the time construction was completed. The plaque shall also indicate the school name, dedication year, architect, general contractor, and the name of the Superintendent seated at the time the construction was completed.

Poteet ISD


LDU 2015.01

DATE ISSUED: 7/23/2015