Note: For purposes of this policy, the terms "gift" and "donation" have the same meaning.

Unsolicited Gifts

Authority to Accept

The Board delegates to the Superintendent the authority to accept unsolicited gifts on behalf of the District. However, any gift that the potential donor has expressly made conditional upon the District's use for a specified purpose, or any gift of real property, shall require Board approval.

Once accepted, a gift becomes the sole property of the District.

Criteria for Acceptance

The District shall not accept any gift that would violate or conflict with policies of or actions by the Board or with federal or state law.

Before the Superintendent accepts a gift or recommends acceptance of a gift to the Board, as applicable, the Superintendent shall consider whether the gift:

Has a purpose consistent with the District's educational philosophy, goals, and objectives;

Places any restrictions on a campus or District program;

Would support a program that the Board may be unable or unwilling to continue when the donation of funds is exhausted;

Would result in ancillary or ongoing costs for the District;

Requires employment of additional personnel;

Requires or implies the endorsement of a specific business or product [see GKB for advertising opportunities];

Would result in inequitable funding, equipment, or resources among District schools or programs;

Obligates the District or a campus to engage in specific actions; or

Affects the physical structure of a building or would require extensive maintenance on the part of the District.


An employee who solicits gifts on behalf of the District or for use in the fulfillment of his or her professional responsibilities shall comply with relevant state and federal law and any District administrative regulations.

All donations solicited on behalf of the District, including solicitations in the name of the District or a campus, or donations solicited using District or campus resources, become the sole property of the District.

Web-Based Solicitations

An employee may solicit web-based donations of money or items for use by the employee in fulfilling his or her professional responsibilities or for the District's use, including "crowdfunding." However, an employee shall obtain prior approval from the employee's supervisor before using the name or image of the District, a campus, or any student.

Skidmore-Tynan ISD



DATE ISSUED: 1/27/2017