Energy Management and Conservation

The Board is committed to the conservation of energy and other resources and to the effective management of their use as a stewardship responsibility to the students, patrons, and taxpayers of the District.

It shall be the policy of the District to provide for the efficient use of energy throughout the system. All school personnel shall assume responsibility for using energy only when necessary to maintain reasonable comfort and safety of District facilities and for taking corrective action to make sure energy is not being consumed unnecessarily. The implementation and enforcement of the rules, regulations, guidelines, and renovation plans generated by this policy shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent or designee.

Joint Responsibility

The fulfillment of this policy is the joint responsibility of the Trustees, administrators, teachers, students, and support personnel. Cooperation at all levels shall be expected to ensure its success.

Plans and Guidelines

The District administrative staff shall develop short- and long-range plans for conservation and efficient use of resources at each school facility. These plans shall include the use of gas, water, and electricity services. Goals and targets for savings shall be established on a monthly and annual basis.

Guidelines shall be established for operational hours, thermostat settings, lighting use, water use, and other management practices. Regular inspections shall be conducted to determine compliance with guidelines.

In-Service Education

Appropriate in-service education shall be provided to all staff consistent with their responsibilities for energy conservation and management.

Employee Appraisal

Energy conservation and management shall be a part of the appraisal of every principal or other administrative head of a District facility, and for other personnel as appropriate to their job descriptions.

Records and Reports

The District shall maintain accurate records of energy consumption and cost of energy on a monthly basis. An energy audit shall be conducted annually at each campus and recommendations shall be made for updating the energy management and conservation program. Information shall be provided to the Board at least quarterly relative to energy consumption and costs, and a report of savings accomplished and recommendations for improvements shall be made to the Board annually during the budget development process.

Killeen ISD



DATE ISSUED: 12/20/2004