An employee's participation in community, political, or employee organization activities shall be entirely voluntary and shall not:

Interfere with the employee's performance of assigned duties and responsibilities.

Result in any political or social pressure being placed on students, parents, or staff.

Involve trading on the employee's position or title with the District.

Use of District Facilities

Organizations representing professional, paraprofessional, or support employees may use District facilities with prior approval of the appropriate administrator. Other groups composed of District employees may use District facilities in accordance with policy GKD.


The following guidelines shall be enforced:

No school equipment, supplies, or facilities, even on a reimbursement basis, shall be used to produce or create political campaign materials, advertisements, or announcements. School supplies and equipment may be used to produce or create materials related to political campaigns when the materials are used solely for classroom instructional purposes.

No campaign work by school employees shall be allowed on school property or during the regular school day, including any conference period. This prohibition shall not include work done during the employee's lunch period nor before or after regular school hours.

No political materials shall be delivered by the District's mail distribution system. [See CPAB]

All materials to be posted or distributed must receive prior approval from the Superintendent.

No solicitations from, or contributions to, a candidate shall be made on school property.

No employee, while at school, shall campaign for any candidate to students, either by distributing materials, posting materials for students to see, or making political comments for or against candidates. For instructional purposes, teachers and students may post campaign materials in the classroom, conduct "mock elections," and permit students to be engaged in classroom activities related to the political process. All of these activities shall be conducted in a bipartisan manner.

Killeen ISD



DATE ISSUED: 7/22/2004