Campaign Treasurer Appointment


  1. The campaign treasurer's name, residence or business street address, and telephone number;
  2. The name of the person making the appointment;
  3. The candidate's telephone number; and
  4. A statement, signed by the candidate, that the candidate is aware of the nepotism law. [See DBE]

Filing Authority

Period of Effectiveness

Termination of Appointment


Board Action

  1. Define "inactive candidate or political committee" for purposes of terminating the campaign treasurer appointment; and
  2. Require written notice to the affected candidate or committee of the proposed termination; the date, time, and place of the meeting at which the board will consider the proposed termination; and the effect of termination of the campaign treasurer appointment.
  1. Has never filed or has ceased to file reports under Election Code Chapter 254 (Political Reporting);
  2. In the case of a candidate, has not been elected to an office for which a candidate is required to file a campaign treasurer appointment with the board; and
  3. Has not filed a final report under Election Code 254.065 or 254.125, or a dissolution report under Election Code 254.126 or 254.159.

Contributions and Expenditures



Candidates and Officeholders

Specific-Purpose Committee


Note: The following provisions apply only to a district located wholly or partly in a municipality with a population of more than 500,000 and with a student enrollment of more than 15,000.

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DATE ISSUED: 2/19/2018