Special Committees

The President shall appoint members to special committees created by the Board to fulfill specific assignments, unless otherwise provided by Board action. These committees may include District personnel and citizens. The function of committees shall be fact-finding, deliberative, and advisory, but not administrative. Special committees shall report their findings to the Board and shall be dissolved upon completion of the assigned task or vote of the Board.

The President of the Board and the Superintendent shall be ex officio members of all Board committees, unless otherwise provided by Board action.

Texas Open Meetings Act

A special committee that includes less than a quorum of Board members is not subject to the Open Meetings Act if it serves a purely advisory function, with no power to supervise or control public business. Such meetings shall not be required to be open to the public.

Transacting Business

Committees may transact business only within the specific authority granted by the Board. To be binding, all such business must be reported to the Board at the next regular or special meeting for approval and entry into the minutes as a public record.

Edgewood ISD-Bexar County



DATE ISSUED: 11/7/2006