Exhibit A—Educators' Code of Ethics

  1. The nature, purpose, timing, and amount of the communication;
  2. The subject matter of the communication;
  3. Whether the communication was made openly or the educator attempted to conceal the communication;
  4. Whether the communication could be reasonably interpreted as soliciting sexual contact or a romantic relationship;
  5. Whether the communication was sexually explicit; and
  6. Whether the communication involved discussion(s) of the physical or sexual attractiveness or the sexual history, activities, preferences, or fantasies of either the educator or the student.

Exhibit B—General Code of Ethics

Individuals volunteering for or employed by the District and individuals or companies who are independent contractors doing work for the District must accept the responsibility to do what is best for fulfilling the interests of those they serve, namely, the District and its students and staff, residents, and taxpayers. All such individuals, including members of the Board, other volunteers, District employees, contractors, and all other individuals directly associated with the District, must maintain high standards of conduct in order to efficiently and effectively discharge their responsibilities to the District. In this regard, the Board has adopted this General Code of Ethics to supplement applicable city, state, and federal law and/or regulations and Board policy and/or procedures.

This General Code of Ethics will apply to all individuals associated directly with the District, whether the persons be members of the Board, other volunteers, committee members, employees, independent contractors or anyone else providing service to the District. By voluntarily serving the District or being employed or working for the District in any legal capacity, all individuals and companies will thereby assume an obligation of self-discipline, not less than that required by law, this Code, Board policies, and/or District regulations.

The Standards of Conduct set forth in this General Code of Ethics provide and formalize basic standards and protocols in both internal and external matters of the District. All individuals and companies covered by this General Code of Ethics will recognize the following:

The Standards of Conduct found on the bottom of this General Code of Ethics will immediately apply to all individuals and companies who have a direct association with the District and its officers and/or employees.

Standards of Conduct

Individuals and companies will uphold the mission of the District by adhering to the following Standards of Conduct while performing their duties and responsibilities and meeting their ob-ligations to the District:

  1. Ensure that all city, state, and/or federal laws and/or regulations applicable to them are followed.
  2. Adhere to applicable District policies and/or procedures and the applicable standards for the related fields of professional conduct attributed to them.
  3. Avoid actions that, if carried out, would jeopardize the ability of others to comply with city, state, and/or federal laws and/or regulations and/or District policies and/or procedures applicable to the other person.
  4. Effectively, efficiently, and economically transact District business, including, but not limited to, making good faith efforts to safeguard District assets from waste, abuse, theft, or other physical loss.
  5. Exhibit a desire to serve the public by being service-oriented and displaying a helpful, kind, patient, and tolerant demeanor.
  6. Practice fair and nondiscriminatory treatment toward others and especially to those who are being served.
  7. Follow District administrative line and staff reporting procedures and reveal all material facts known to them when reporting on the results of their work, which if not revealed, could either conceal unlawful or improper practices or results or prevent informed decisions from being made by the persons required to make recommendations and/or decisions.
  8. Exercise objectivity and diligence in their service and continually strive for improvement in their proficiency and in the effectiveness and quality of their service.
  9. Exercise honesty, integrity, and good judgment in all matters pertaining to the activities of the District, its Board and/or its individual members, District employees, and/or volunteers. In this regard:
    1. They will not knowingly participate in acts or activities that: (i) are illegal, improper or, using a reasonable and prudent person test, have the appearance of impropriety; (ii) are discreditable to themselves or the District; or (iii) are detrimental to the welfare of the District;
    2. They will abide by the applicable code of conduct related to business transactions by avoiding or disclosing any activity that is or is generally acknowledged to be in conflict with the interests of the District or that could prejudice their ability to carry out objectively their service to the District;
    3. They will release public statements that are truthful and objective, keep information and records confidential when appropriate, and protect the governmental interests of the District, its officers and employees, and the welfare of District students;
    4. They will avoid any and all conflicts of interest, immediately acknowledge any influences, and offer to withdraw from any assignment when an actual conflict exists that may impair their objectivity or integrity in the service of the District;
    5. They will avoid actions and/or omissions that promote their own self-interests at the expense of their profession and will uphold the standards of their profession with honor and dignity.
    6. Subject to Paragraph 10, they will not solicit, offer, bestow, or promise to bestow anything of value for or on any District officer or employee for the purpose of influencing a recommendation, action, decision, determination, or vote on any District matter and/or that, using a reasonable and prudent person test, has the appearance of influencing the same or creating any ethical and/or legal impropriety; and they will immediately report to the Board or, if appropriate, the Superintendent, any such solicitation, offer, bestowal, or promised bestowal of the same;
    7. Subject to Paragraph 10, they will provide written notification to the Board or, if appropriate, the Superintendent, of any transaction that involves: (i) anything of value, given to, given on behalf of, or given in honor of any person who is or who be-comes a Board member within six months of entering into a contract with the District and through the conclusion of the contract services to the District; and/or (ii) any such thing of value given to, given on behalf of, or given in honor of any person who is related to the Board member by blood within the third degree or by marriage within the second degree, within six months of entering into a contract with the District and through the conclusion of the contract services to the District.
  10. This policy is not meant to and will not apply to attendance at or the hosting of social functions unrelated to District official business projects/matters; nor will this policy apply to reported campaign contributions as contemplated under the Texas Election Code, nor to the payment of nominal amounts for meals and other activities that are related to on-going District official business project(s) in which the person or company is currently involved with the District and/or third party; except, however, this exception will not excuse compliance with other rules of law and ethics as may otherwise be applicable to any person and/or company.

* For District Board members, relevant Board policies include, but are not limited to, policy series BB on Board authority, ethics, conflict of interest, and compensation. For District personnel, relevant Board policies include, but are not limited to, policy series DH on employee standards of conduct.

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DATE ISSUED: 1/6/2021