Note: This local policy has been revised in accordance with the District's innovation plan.

Class Size Ratio

It is the District's goal to maintain the smallest class sizes possible at all grade levels. The ability to have a flexible response dependent on campus needs and individual circumstances shall also be taken into consideration.

The District shall follow staffing guidelines to allocate positions at 22:1 or below in kindergarten–grade 4. If the student/teacher ratio averaged across a grade level goes over 22:1, it must have teacher approval. The extended class minimum approval applies after the first four weeks of instruction.

In the event a classroom exceeds the 22:1 ratio in kindergarten–grade 4, campus and District administration in collaboration with the teacher would request an exemption from the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall then report to the Board the number of exemptions granted.

Notice to Parents

A campus or district that exceeds the class size limits shall provide written notice to the parent of or person standing in parental relation to each student affected by the increase in class size. The no-tice must be in conspicuous bold or underlined print and:

  1. Specify the class that exceeds the 22:1 ratio;
  2. State the number of children in the class; and
  3. Be included in a regular mailing or other communication from the campus or District, such as information sent home with students.

The notice must be provided not later than the 31st day after the first day of the school year or the date after the decision to exceed the class size limit is made.

Edgewood ISD-Bexar County


LDU 2018.04

DATE ISSUED: 8/23/2018