Philosophy and Goals

The District recognizes that limited English proficient (LEP) students learn English more effectively if taught initially through their primary language. The District believes that the bilingual program will enable:

LEP students to become proficient in English and their primary language in order to participate fully in the English instructional program;

Bilingual students to develop to the fullest extent of their capacity and talent; and

Monolingual English-speaking students to acquire a second language.

The District also believes that all students deserve to be given the opportunity to acquire proficiency in two languages.

Required Bilingual / ESL Program and Purpose

The District's bilingual program will use two languages for instruction to facilitate the acquisition of English proficiency. The District's bilingual education models surpass the state's minimum requirements and enrich the bilingual education services.


Certified personnel for bilingual (prekindergarten–grade 6) and ESL (grades 6–12) will be assigned to instruct LEP students and to ensure that the linguistic and academic needs of the students are served on a priority basis. In secondary, grades 6–12, English as a second language strategies will be provided in any of the courses or electives required for promotion or graduation to assist the limited English proficient (LEP) students to master the essential knowledge and skills for the required subjects.


The District will provide training for ESL and bilingual teachers throughout the year and during the summer. Elementary bilingual teachers will attend a minimum of two and one-half days (15 hours) of bilingual education training annually. Secondary certified ESL teachers will attend a minimum of two and one-half days (15 hours) of ESL training annually. Core area non-ESL certified teachers assigned LEP students will attend a minimum of two days (12 hours) of ESL training every two years.

Language Proficiency Assessment Committees

The professional staff members of the LPAC(s) shall be assigned those duties by the Superintendent or designee. Selection of parent members of LPAC(s) shall be made after soliciting volunteers and upon the recommendation of professionals involved in the bilingual/ESL programs.

Training for LPAC

The District will provide orientation and training for all members of the LPAC(s), which shall include a discussion of the committee's duties and a thorough explanation and review of all laws and rules governing the confidentiality of information regarding individual students. In performing their duties, committee members shall be acting for the District and shall observe requirements regarding confidentiality of student records. [See FL]

Edgewood ISD-Bexar County



DATE ISSUED: 12/14/1998