Board Approval

Kindergarten–Grade 5

  1. The student scores 80 percent or above on a criterion-referenced test for the grade level to be skipped in each of the following areas: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies;
  2. A district representative recommends that the student be accelerated; and
  3. The student's parent or guardian gives written approval of the acceleration.

Assessment Audit

Grades 6–12

  1. A three or higher on a College Board advanced placement examination that has been approved by the board for the applicable course;
  2. A scaled score of 50 or higher on an examination administered through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and approved by the board for the applicable course; or
  3. Eighty percent or above on any other criterion-referenced test approved by the board for the applicable course.

Board-Approved Examinations

Audit for District-Developed Examinations

Exam Certification for Grades 6–12

  1. Is aligned to all assessable TEKS for the course;
  2. Has not been published and is not publicly available;
  3. Will only be administered in a secure environment under standardized conditions by a school district or institution of higher education; and
  4. Has been evaluated to ensure:
    1. Test scores can be interpreted as indicators of what the test is intended to measure; and
    2. Consistency of test results across testing conditions.

Courses with Corresponding EOCs

  1. Meets the above requirements for exam validation;
  2. Has been externally validated and determined to:
    1. Align to and appropriately address all assessable TEKS for the course:
    2. Assess the appropriate level of rigor for each student expectation; and
    3. Yield comparable distribution of results across tested subgroups.
  1. The annual report described below;
  2. All relevant test development specifications;
  3. A statement certifying that the examination meets the external validation criteria described above; and
  4. Results for all tested subgroups disaggregated by students who receive prior instruction and students with no prior instruction and including descriptive data for small subgroups.

Annual Report

  1. The test development process;
  2. A statement certifying the examination meets the certification criteria in 19 Administrative Code 74.24(c)(2)(d);
  3. The number of students who took each examination;
  4. The number of students who scored 70 percent or above on each examination;
  5. The number of students who scored 80 percent or above on each examination; and
  6. The average score for all students who took the examination for each examination.

EOC Assessments

Annual Administration

Students Who Are Homeless or in Substitute Care

Limitations on Taking Examinations


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DATE ISSUED: 1/31/2019