UIL Activities

State Board and UIL rules shall govern interscholastic activities; however, Board policies and District rules may supplement State Board and UIL rules.

No event shall be scheduled and no student allowed to participate in any UIL event unless all pertinent rules and regulations are strictly enforced. The Superintendent or designee shall maintain all necessary records and reports. Sponsors and coaches are responsible for knowledge of and compliance with rules for eligibility and participation. [See FM]

Athletic Program

A well-rounded program of interscholastic athletics shall be maintained in the District secondary schools. The operation of the total program, including the starting and ending dates for each sport, shall be in accordance with regulations set by the UIL and the Board.

Supervision of the program shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent, but certain responsibilities may be delegated to other staff members. In each school, the principal shall have direct responsibility to maintain the athletic program as an integral part of the educational program of that school.

Interschool competitive athletics shall not be part of the elementary grades' program. To the extent practicable, a program of intra-school sports activities for elementary students shall be maintained as part of the physical education program.


Coaches are expected to control the actions and conduct of all athletes, on and off the field or court. Any undue show of temper or other act of unsportsmanlike conduct shall subject the athletes to disciplinary action. [See the Student Code of Conduct] Athletes must know that their actions reflect not only on themselves, but on the entire school body.

Unauthorized Visits

A student should not visit other schools immediately prior to or after a contest without permission from his or her principal. Violations of law or Board policy, under these circumstances, may result in disciplinary action.

Non-UIL Activities

Contests and competitive activities that are sponsored by outside organizations shall not be recommended to students unless the activities supplement and do not interfere with the regular school program. Contests and competitive activities shall have the prior approval of the Superintendent, who shall develop the necessary rules and regulations to implement this policy. [See FM]

Overnight Trips

Students involved in UIL competition that requires an overnight trip shall have their expenses paid by the District. [See FM, FMG]

The band, chorus, and pep squad may make one trip out of the city, other than for football games, in addition to the Interscholastic League Regional Meet. One trip out of the city shall be allowed for football games, but any additional trip or trips shall be permitted only if the school is in playoff games. There shall be no out-of-state band trips. [See FMG]

Other Activities

With permission of the principal, members of the band shall be permitted to decide whether they will participate in an activity that is not held on school time.

All band rehearsals prior to the opening of school shall be held on the school campus.

Bands shall not participate in activities of a commercial, political, or religious nature.

Edgewood ISD-Bexar County



DATE ISSUED: 7/30/2001