The District shall operate in a manner that fosters two-way communication among internal and external publics; that fosters awareness of the objectives, policies, achievements, needs and conditions of the District; and that encourages commitment to educational improvement. The Superintendent shall plan and direct a systematic communications program that encompasses:

News media relations [See GBBA]

Handling of public concerns and complaints [See GF]

Dissemination of information through appropriate media [See GBBA]

Release of public information [See GBA and GBAA]

Internal communications [See DGB]

Parental involvement [See BQ series and GE]

Relationships with community organizations [See GE, GKE, and GKF]

Employee Responsibility

The Superintendent shall define the public relations responsibilities of District employees and shall ensure accountability through regular appraisal of their performance.

Program Evaluation

By means of periodic, community-wide needs assessments, under the direction of the Superintendent or designee, as well as by less formal means, the District shall gauge community awareness of and support for the public schools and shall determine communications needs. The results of these assessments shall be reported to the Board along with the Superintendent's recommendations regarding such findings.

Edgewood ISD-Bexar County



DATE ISSUED: 4/1/2005