All students enjoy successful education experiences, empowering them to make decisions while enriching their lives in the future they create.

Theory of Action

Our theory of action is that of a System of Great Schools. We foster systems and processes to increase the percent and number of students in top-rated schools and reduce the percent and number in low-rated schools.

Board's Constraints for the Superintendent

The Board establishes the following constraints for the Superintendent:

Board's Constraints for the Board

The Board places the following constraints on itself collectively and on its trustees individually:


The Board establishes the following goals:

Core Beliefs

The following core beliefs guide the District:


The District establishes the following strategies:

  1. We will engage all school community members through transparency and effective communication to promote a positive perception and create a strong brand.
  2. We will establish a system of extraordinary customer service to attract and retain members of our community.
  3. We will develop a strong support system that will provide meaningful and innovative instruction that promotes critical thinking and problem solving.
  4. We will build partnerships with businesses and the community to promote parental involvement, support opportunities for student success, and increase student attendance and enrollment.
  5. We will promote and ensure a safe and secure learning environment for all students.

Learner Outcomes

The District works toward the following learner outcomes:

South San Antonio ISD


LDU 2018.02

DATE ISSUED: 10/10/2018