District Educational Improvement Council

In compliance with Education Code 11.251, the District Educational Improvement Council (DEIC) shall advise the Board or its designee in establishing and reviewing the District's educational goals, objectives, and major Districtwide classroom instructional programs identified by the Board or its designee. The council shall serve exclusively in an advisory role except that the council shall approve staff development of a Districtwide nature.


The chairperson shall be elected annually in the fall by members of the DEIC.


The Board's designee shall set its agenda and shall schedule at least four meetings per year; additional meetings may be held at the call of the chairperson. All council meetings shall be held outside of the regular school day.

Community Input

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that the District-level council obtains broad-based community, parent, and staff input and provides information to those persons on a systematic basis. Methods of communication shall include, but not be limited to the following:

Minutes of each meeting shall be distributed to DEIC members, all principals, and all PTA presidents.

Minutes of each meeting shall be posted at each campus and at the Richard A. Middleton Education Center.

Employees and the community at large shall receive information about the committee's activities through District publications.


The committee shall represent campus-based professional staff, District-level professional staff, parents, businesses, and the community. Two-thirds of the District and campus professional staff shall be classroom teachers. The remaining one-third shall be professional nonteaching District- and campus-level staff. For purposes of this policy, District-level professional staff shall be defined as professionals who have responsibilities at more than one campus, including, but not limited to, central office staff.


The council shall include parents of students currently enrolled within the District. One parent shall be selected from each cluster in accordance with administrative procedures.

Community Members

The council shall include two community members.

Business Representatives

The council shall include two business representatives. Business representatives need not reside in nor operate businesses in the District.

Professional Staff

The council shall consist of the following professional staff members:

Four elementary classroom teachers.

Four middle school classroom teachers.

Four high school classroom teachers.

Five nonteaching campus-based professional employees.

One nonteaching District-level professional employee.


An employee's affiliation or lack of affiliation with any organization or association shall not be a factor in either the nomination or election of representatives on the council. [See also DGA]

The consent of each nominee shall be obtained before the person's name may appear on the ballot. Election of the council shall be held in the fall of each school year at a time determined by the Board or its designee. Nomination and election shall be conducted in accordance with this policy and administrative regulations.


Representatives shall serve staggered two-year terms and shall be limited to two consecutive terms on the council. After the initial election or selection, representatives shall draw lots, within each representative category, to determine the length of initial terms. Representatives appointed by the Superintendent shall serve single-year terms.


If a vacancy occurs among the elected representatives, nominations shall be solicited and an election held or selection made for the unexpired term in the same manner as for the annual election. If a vacancy occurs among appointed representatives, the Superintendent shall appoint a person to fill the vacancy.

Other Advisory Groups

The existence of the District-level council shall not affect the authority of the Board or its designee to appoint or establish other advisory groups or task forces to assist it in matters pertaining to District instruction.

North East ISD


LDU 2012.03

DATE ISSUED: 6/11/2012