School Health Advisory Council

The school health advisory council (SHAC) shall meet regularly to receive new information, to review and evaluate materials, and to establish goals and objectives for the District's health education program.

Board Responsibility

All proposed changes in the goals and objectives shall be brought to the Board for approval prior to the change being implemented.

Instructor and Materials

Human sexuality and abstinence instruction shall be taught by the school nurse and/or the health-certified teachers in grades 3–12. Only those instructional materials, such as booklets, handouts, and audio/visual materials, as approved by the school health advisory council and the Board, shall be used in instruction.

All questions relating to human sexuality and abstinence education should be directed to the school nurse, the health-certified teacher, or the Principles of Health Science instructor. All questions shall be answered with factual, scientific information. Students asking questions regarding a religious or moral issue shall be directed by the instructor to discuss the issue with their parents.

Any issue relating to human sexuality that falls outside of the curriculum as approved by the SHAC and Board shall be left to the student's parent and/or guardian.

Notice to Parents

The District shall make all curriculum materials used in human sexuality and abstinence education available for parent and/or guardian review in accordance with applicable law.

North East ISD


LDU 2016.08

DATE ISSUED: 12/2/2016